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Wheel alignment issues are one of the most common problems faced by vehicle owners. Left unresolved, they cause premature wear on tires and, if bad enough, wear on steering and suspension components. So how do you know if your vehicle’s alignment is out?

Here are some signs to look for:

– A “pull” in the steering wheel to the left or right when driving down a straight road can indicate that the vehicle’s alignment is out of spec. The more severe the alignment problems are, the stronger the “pull” in the steering wheel

– Odd wear patterns showing on the inner or outside tread of the tires. All tires lose tread over time, but uneven wear across the tread pattern could indicate a wheel alignment issue

– An ‘off-center’ steering wheel is also a sign that the vehicle’s alignment is out.

Wheel alignment going out of specification over time is not uncommon. Poor road conditions, highways full of potholes, frost heaves, and
driving on gravel roads can all contribute to the alignment being out of spec., so a vehicle should have an annual wheel alignment done to check for and repair any issues.

Along with a vehicle’s alignment, brakes are a critical safety system on your vehicle and routine brake services should never be ignored.

Here are some warning signs to look for:

– Pulsation felt in the brake pedal
– Vibration felt through the steering wheel
– A grinding noise when applying brakes
– A squealing noise from the brakes when reversing
– ABS or brake warning light on
– A soft or spongy feeling brake pedal
– The vehicle pulls left or right when braking

If you’ve noticed any of these symptoms, it’s time to have your vehicle diagnosed by a certified technician.


food and dining

One Eleven Grill shows off new renovations and some new menu creations



One of Red Deer’s favourite restaurants has put some major effort into updating their space and creating some new menu items. One Eleven Grill opened its doors in 2011 with as a fresh and innovative entry into the local dining scene.

They’ve recently completed renovations and spent considerable time and effort developing some tasty new menu items. Watch the video above to get an idea of what you’re in store for next time you head down to one of the city’s finest restaurants.

About One Eleven Grill: An inviting and stylish restaurant tucked into the heart of Red Deer just waiting for you to discover or rediscover.

Opened on the first day of November in 2011, One Eleven has been thoughtfully and skillfully preparing delicious food and drinks for Central Alberta for years.

Our passion is STEAK! We are committed to quality, serving only the very best locally-owned, grass fed Alberta Triple AAA Beef in both classic and unique cuts.

Our warm, inviting ambiance is the perfect backdrop for everything from a romantic evening, a gathering with friends and family and even a quiet business lunch during the week. We even feature live jazz every Friday and Saturday. Add in one of the best selections of wine in the region, and One Eleven will set the perfect tone for your weekend.

At One Eleven we’re committed to your total satisfaction and we celebrate the people and food of Red Deer and Central Alberta every day.

For amazing food, great music and good times with family and friends, keep One Eleven in mind.

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Local Business

Red Deer Chamber of Commerce accepting nominations for Business of the Year



Now Accepting Nominations for the 2019 Business of the Year Awards

The Business of the Year Awards are organized by the Red Deer & District Chamber of Commerce and held annually in conjunction with Small Business Week.

The Business Awards are presented, in five categories, to exceptional businesses within the Red Deer area. All companies, Chamber members and non-members, are eligible for nomination for an award in their respective category.

“We have organizations doing extraordinary work in our community and far too often their accomplishments and charitable activities go unrecognized. Our entrepreneurs and businesses are incredibly humble so it gives of great pleasure to be able to recognize them” said Rick More, CEO of the Red Deer & District Chamber of Commerce.

The Red Deer & District Chamber of Commerce is now accepting nominations for the Business of the Year Awards in the following categories: 1-10 employees, 11-20 employees, 21+ employees, Young Entrepreneur and Non-Profit. Nominations can be submitted from the online nominations form. The deadline for application submission is July 26, 2019 at 4:30pm.

The Business of the Year Awards will be held on October 16, 2019 at the RDC Arts Centre & Foyer.

The Red Deer & District Chamber of Commerce is a collaborative leader in building a vibrant community and fosters an environment where businesses can lead, be innovative, sustainable, and grow.

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