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Cormack Armoury site of annual Soldier’s Appreciation Dinner


As Honorary Lieutenant Colonel of 41 Signal Regiment in Alberta, I’m witness to many of the Regiment’s events.  One of my favourites is the Soldier’s Appreciation Dinner, held annually at Red Deer’s Cormack Armoury.  I’m continually impressed by the Regiment’s enthusiasm, sportsmanship, commitment, humility, and any number of other qualities that make spending time with them so enjoyable and enlightening.  This short video slide show captures some of the sights and sounds of this special day.  You can also click on the photo gallery.

41 Signal Regiment (41 Sig Regt) is a Reserve Force communications unit assigned to 41 Canadian Brigade Group (41 CBG) in Alberta.  The Regiment is comprised of three communication squadrons and a squadron headquarters.

The 41 Canadian Brigade Group Squadrons are:

  •        1 Squadron and Regimental Headquarters, Edmonton
  •        2 Squadron, Red Deer
  •        3 Squadron, Calgary

41 Signal Regiment provides communication information systems, strategic infrastructure services and support to 41 CBG units.

Join The Unit

There are terrific financial incentives for students who chose to become Reservists while going to school. Soldiers of 41 Signal Regiment train Wednesday nights from 7 to 10 p.m.

The Army Reserve is the part-time component of the Canadian Army. Reserve Force members usually serve part time and may serve while going to school or working at a civilian job.

41 Signal Regiment has 3 Squadrons in Alberta located in Edmonton, Red Deer and Calgary.  You can contact them directly:

1 Squadron, 41 Signal Regiment 
Debney Armoury
8403 Roper Road
Edmonton, AlbertaT6E 6T5
Phone: 780-973-4011 ext. 2839

2 Squadron, 41 Signal Regiment 
Cormack Armoury
4402 55th Street
Red Deer, AlbertaT4N 2H1
Phone: 403-343-4937

3 Squadron, 41 Signal Regiment
1820 24th St West Calgary, Alberta T2T 0G6
Phone: 403-410-2320 ext. 3864

President Todayville Inc., Former VP/GM CTV Edmonton, Honorary Lieutenant Colonel 41 Signal Regiment, Board Member Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Arts Award Foundation, Past Board Member United Way of Alberta Capital Region, Musician, Photographer.





No idea what I’m supposed to write here, let’s just describe where I am, I guess. There’s a lot of water in this room. Quite a few windows, too. Only one coffee stirring stick thingy though. Oh, look. The door says “Employees only.”

Whoops. That race car picture is crooked. Is it supposed to be? I don’t know. Wonder where that unplugged cord goes. There are nails up on that wall… Wonder what used to go there. Alright, enough nitpicking. Time to find some picture or other to stick in here. There. Found me on Google maps. I’m right in that corner office there. They really should get rid of those Weight Loss Clinic signs… I guess that isn’t really their first priority. Looks like enough. Let’s post it.

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Central Alberta Humane Society looking for the cutest animal in the area



From The Central Alberta Humane Society

Hey, I’m Bear, last year’s photo contest WINNER! I had so much fun
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Check out the Calendar contest HERE to enter & don’t forget to read about the rules & prizes! On behalf of animals in care, THANK YOU!
This is Bear, signing off!

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Reserve a Calendar Day is back this year!
Once again, for a $10 donation, we offer you the chance at an
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Reserve a Calendar Day is not an entry into the contest itself, we invite & encourage you to enter both, all funds will go to the important care
of shelter animals.
Reserve a Calendar Day HERE
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