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Red Deer Symphony Orchestra + kids = “Choir Kids”


Submitted by Red Deer Public Schools

Choir Kids ready to hit the stage with the Red Deer Symphony

Elementary schools in Red Deer Public and from around Central Alberta have been perfecting their vocals in anticipation of Choir Kids.

The event, which sees student choirs perform with the Red Deer Symphony Orchestra, takes place April 29 and May 6 at New Life Fellowship Church.

It’s really unique. There are no other schools or symphonies that we know of that put something like this on,” said Kati Ramsden, Music Teacher at Don Campbell Elementary School. “This is such a unique opportunity for our students to have the Symphony playing their music. They are excited.”

Ramsden sent the school’s choir music to Red Deer Symphony Music Director, Maestro Claude Lapalme, who initially started the event, and he arranges it for the Symphony to play. The Symphony then accompanies the choirs.

Preparations for the event start right after Christmas and along with Red Deer Public, school districts in the surrounding area are participating as well.

“Most of these students and their families haven’t really been exposed to this type of music or these types of events,” said Ramsden. “It’s been exciting and it’s been neat to connect with the music teachers around the District and surrounding area as well.”

The partnership is truly a win-win.

“We’re pretty lucky in Red Deer to have a Symphony Orchestra. We’re a small city and it’s good for the RDSO as well as for our schools. They get to reach out to people who normally wouldn’t come to a concert. It’s a great community outreach event, said Ramsden.

Tickets can be purchased online at

For more information please contact:

  • Kati Ramsden, Music Teacher
  • Don Campbell Elementary

  • Phone: 403-346-2611


High school students to unveil their sea-can house next week



The Design Studies, Building Opportunities and Landscape Design classes have been working together to design and construct a 40 foot sea-can house. On Tuesday, June 11 from 12:45 – 2:00 p.m. École Secondaire Notre Dame High School will host an open house in the learning commons to showcase the Design Studies 20/30 student work of the semester.

Working with professionals in the industry, the Design Studies students have been drafting layouts and building models of the sea-can house, while learning the requirements of residential construction. The Building Opportunities students had and continue to receive hands-on training working on the construction of the sea-can house, alongside a ticketed tradesman. The Landscape Design students are working with professionals in the areas of architecture, skills and project management to create a living roof for the sea-can house.

This project is in its second year. The project will continue for another school year until completion. 
The sea-can conversion brings an innovative project-based learning opportunity. It facilitates cross-curricular and inquiry-based learning by encouraging students in the pursuit of design and trade skills. 

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WATCH: Grade 12 Hunting Hills High School Student is 2019 Young Citizen of the Year!



His name is Praveen Gladstone and he’s one outstanding young citizen! Praveen has only lived in Red Deer for four years, but in that time he has become one of the super young leaders at his high school making a positive difference every where they go.

Praveen was a shy new high schooler just a few years ago. Then he started becoming involved in leadership initiatives, and he turned into the type of student who goes out of his way to make sure everyone else is feeling welcome.

He’s also taken on several volunteer and fundraising roles at Hunting Hills where he’s a fixture at events such as the annual bike-a-thon and Veteran’s Dinner.

Congratulations to Praveen Gladstone, Red Deer’s 2019 Young Citizen of the Year!

CLICK to read about Red Deer Citizen of the Year John Donald.

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